Why Reputation Management is Important

Is Reputation Management Important?

You bet it is. Without a way to manage your online reputation you’re missing out on tons of revenue but why is it important? It’s important because over 90% of customers do a review search before they buy a product and if you don’t have reviews then you’ve lost a lot of customers. They will bypass your site to find one with reviews and not just any reviews, they’re looking for good reviews. You don’t have to worry about getting 5 stars on all of you reviews but a mix bag of 3 to 5 is always good and don’t fret too much about getting a few 2 stars. It evens out the reviews so that it doesn’t look like you’re posting fake reviews.

How Does It Increase Your Revenue?

Those merchants that use free reputation management tools from Rebusify will be able to post verified reviews to their company profile page as well as showcase their top products right on the profile page. When potential customers are doing a review search on your domain then they will see your reviews and know that they are verified and while viewing the reviews they will see your company products listed to the right. It’s a great way to promote your products while people are reading your reviews. Of course you want great reviews so that when they read the great reviews they can click right to your product page on your website. Yes, it’s a win win!

How To Handle Negative Reviews

Now if you run any online website you’re going to get a negative review at some point. While you might produce amazing products and amazing customer service you’ll have to understand the old say that “You can’t please everyone” and that is the case here but how you manage it is what will speak volumes. So here’s a list of things you should be doing to deal with negative reviews.

  • Reach out to the customer and see what happened.
  • Don’t use attitude with them.
  • Offer them a refund.
  • Offer them something else.
  • Offer them an additional item/service.
  • Ask to speak on the phone.
  • Offer them a coupon.

Do whatever you can to turn that negative review into a great experience for which the customer could speak about. This in the long run will affect your reputation for the better.