Why the World Needs Real Reviews

It’s the scenario every business owner dreads: waking up one day only to discover your business has been spammed with a litany of bad reviews. Maybe they’re from a competitor, a bot, or a troll. These types of reviews can tank your business, drastically hurt your profit, and there’s no real way to get rid of them or prove them wrong.

As a business owner, you can’t just “opt-out” of the system, especially if you make your living by selling products online through sites like WooCommerce or Amazon. Today’s online customer-base of Millennials and Gen-Z-ers are internet-savvy and are far more likely to base their choices on reviews and referrals rather than advertisements. In fact, most millennials only purchase items that are attached to reviews.

Yet, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that online reviews can’t always be trusted. Anyone can write them, and it’s not hard to create bots to spam a film or TV show’s ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, or down vote a food truck listed on Yelp to oblivion. It’s becoming a real problem.

Just how easy is it to scam the system? As it turns out, anyone with a little bit of money and some friends can do it.

One reporter on Vice listed his garden shed on TripAdvisor for a few dollars and paid his friends to spam it with 5-star reviews about how great the food was. Soon, that garden shed was the top-rated restaurant on the site, and he was getting daily calls from celebrities asking to book a seat. Some people thought it was hilarious. Others were furious.

It’s a double-edged sword. Customers feel they can’t trust 5-star reviews, because there’s no way to tell if the whether reviewer actually bought the product, and business owners know that anyone could ruin their reputation. As of yet, there aren’t any laws preventing false reviews and there’s no real way to get rid of them. The system is fundamentally flawed.

There has to be a better way. That’s where the blockchain comes in.

When you hear the word “blockchain”, chances are you’re probably thinking about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and all the news stories that come with it. In reality, blockchain is so much bigger than that and has far more uses than recording Bitcoin transactions. It’s an entirely different way of building the internet.

Right now, most information on the web is hosted at big, centralized servers, giving small groups of people a monopoly on the information they contain. Information stored on a blockchain is really stored in a sort of cloud hosted across thousands of different computers – meaning it’s decentralized and impossible to fake your information. Think of it as an open, digital ledger. Transactions on the blockchain are 100% real, and anyone can verify them.

So, what does this have to do with reviews?

Imagine if you could source and store reviews somewhere different: a place where you can make certain those reviews are actually from real customers because they’re attached to transactions verified and stored on their own decentralized, secure blockchain.

That’s the idea our team had when we created the Rebusify Confidence System with our patent pending technology. Rebusify is the only site on the web where customer reviews are stored and verified via the Ethereum blockchain. Competitors, bots, and angry internet trolls can’t leave fake reviews on this system and unscrupulous merchants can’t change reviews they don’t like. Our system ensures that only verified customers can leave reviews about your business.

The Rebusify Confidence System isn’t about us. It’s about the business owner and the customer. It’s a system that creates transparency and honesty in a world of online transactions that are often shrouded in anonymity. It’s about changing the way we do things, one step at a time. It’s a system where the merchant is secure and supported, and the customer knows they can trust your business and products.

Don’t leave your online reputation in the hands of unscrupulous review companies. Instead, you can use our system to obtain real reviews from your customers.