WooCommerce Extension Update 1.3.3

Rebusify is pleased to announce the release of version 1.3.3 of the Rebusify Verified Reviews Woocommerce Extension for WordPress. This new release of the plugin includes many enhanced functions as well as a couple new features. Below I’ll outline each new feature that we’ve added as well as some of the enhancements we’ve made for the WooCommerce extension.

Popup Registration

With this new version merchants don’t need to leave their WP Admin area to register at reviews.rebusify.com. Merchants can now register via a popup window. Once registration is completed within the window it will automatically bring in your email and serial key. This new popup onsite registration form saves time by not forcing the merchant to leave his own admin area to setup his company profile page which is created automatically once the settings are saved.

Along with the registration it will add the “Free Plan” automatically to the merchant’s account. This is done behind the scenes which saves two steps in joining Rebusify.

Unlimited Customer Review Reminders

Along with the new onsite registration popup, we have added a new section called “Invitations”. This allows the merchant to send out reminders to their customers for leaving reviews. It also includes a email template so that the merchant can customize the email that is sent out to the customers. Now merchants can send unlimited emails to their customers asking for reviews.

Rebusify Review Invitations

We have added the ability to reset invitations so that merchants can resend an invitation if they didn’t get a review. It’s important for merchants to not send too many for it could annoy the customer. Rebusify recommends sending no more than 2 invitations spread out 2 weeks apart.

Plugin Enhancements

Along with the new above features, we have added a few enhancements to the plugin. We have noted them below.

  • Faster Review Submission – Now reviews are sent to Rebusify twice as fast as before.
  • Increased Text Submission – Now users have a total of 3000 characters for their reviews.
  • Mobile Video Reviews – Mobile users who purchase via the merchants WooCommerce shop they will find a responsive version of the review submission that includes a new responsive video submission process.

These are the new features and enhancements for the WooCommerce Verified Review extension. You can find the new version in the WordPress repository or here at Rebusify.