Writing Engaging Content

Write Engaging Content

So with regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) the landscapes have seemed to change. Sure SEO is good for your site but not like it used to be. If you’re not using Social Media to engage your audience then you’re missing out of massive traffic and potentially tons of profit. That’s called leaving money on the table.

When you use Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others, you’re not only showing visitors that you’re up with the times but if you do it correctly you’ll increase your traffic and the more traffic you get the more money you can make. 

When writing content for your website, you want to write content that engages your visitor. You can’t just throw up a few words and expect people to stay on the page. Those SEO days are long gone. Sure you can still use your keywords/longtail keywords but now you must write to engage the user. Considering the attention span of most users, if you can’t capture them quickly then you’ve lost them.

When writing engaging content you want to have eye catching photos in your copy. Use videos if you can. Imagine you’re the reader. Do you just want a page of long text? No, you want to be stimulated so when you write, stimulate the user with photos, videos and great copy. Trust me when I say that if you write engaging content people will share it and when people share your content on social media sites that equates to more traffic and we all know that more traffic equals more money.

In closing, write engaging content that visitors will want to read and share and be sure on the page you have a way for visitors to share that content. Just like you see below!

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